Success Story: Nintendo

  • Feb 23, 2018

Success stories are a great way to get inspiration and ideas for your company or organization. Customize the idea to fit your organization and leverage the experience and expertise of your Universal Creative Concept Promotional Product Consultant. 

Here's how Nintendo used a customized keychain to increase subscriptions to their Power Magazine.

To assist Nintendo of America with the post-launch marketing and branding of the new Wii game system.

Strategy & Execution
The most unique aspect of the new Wii game system is the hand-held remote that allows players to interact wirelessly with the game screen. Capitalizing on this point of differentiation among its competitors, Nintendo designed a keychain flashlight replica of the remote. Even better, the lighted element of the keychain was a blue light, similar to the blue LED light on the real remote. The keychain was promoted on Nintendo websites as a free gift for new subscribers of Nintendo Power Magazine. The “gotta have it” appeal of the keychain quickly made it a hot topic on Nintendo blogs and on gaming bulletin boards. The keychain may even earn a “bonus life” as there has been significant interest from retail stores to offer the item for re-sale.

Immediately following the promotion, there was a distinct and significant spike in subscriptions to Nintendo Power Magazine. To date, over 130,000 Wii Lighted Remote Keychains have shipped with even more purchase orders submitted.

Your company or organize may not be as large as Nintendo but the concept can work with any size company and not just for games. Consider the powerful impact a custom keychain can do for your company. 

Check this option below or contact your Promotional Product Consultant for more ideas. 

Customized Shaped Keychain

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