Bragging Rights Contest

  • Feb 13, 2018

Want to enter the 2018 Bragging Rights Contest but not sure how to start? Here is a simple outline to keep in mind when telling your story:

The Situation:

What was the event, campaign, contest or Website that was involved with the promotional product?

Where was the event, contest, etc.?

What was the purpose of the event, contest, campaign?

Who was the target audience for the for the activity, event, contest, campaign, etc.?

What was the strategy in using the promotional product? 

What was the goal in using a promotional product? 

The Solution:

What was the promotional product that you used?

Did you have something printed on the promotional product? If so, what?

How was the promotional product used in the event (direct mail, handed out, in goodie bag, as a prize, hand delivered, on table to take, etc.)

The Result:

How successful was utilizing a promotional product in your event, activity, campaign, etc?

How did you measure the success of using the promotional product (great feedback, increased awareness, increase likes on social media, increased sales, etc.)

So type out your story and send it along with photo of product, you and/or your team to:

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